Identification of IT-Needs to Cope with Dynamism in Collaborative Networked Organizations – a Case Study

Collaborative Networked Organizations (CNOs) are increasingly com- mon in current dynamic markets. The participants in a CNO try to achieve a com- mon goal while acting on market opportunities. Information technology (IT) fa- cilitates collaboration between participants within a CNO. In this paper, we show how CNOs cope with network-dynamics related to their IT-needs. Two sub-char- acteristics of network dynamics, respectively many-to-many relations and inter- action patterns, will be investigated. In the end, we are trying to answer the ques- tion regarding what IT-needs CNOs have, to cope with CNO-dynamism. Based on a literature review we developed a framework on CNO-dynamism and exe- cuted a multi-case study within four CNOs. We conclude that all framework com- ponents are recognized within the CNOs. CNOs appeared to mainly cope with dynamics by using collaborative platforms, task management systems, and con- ference facilities.

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van den Heuvel, R., van de Wetering, R., Bos, R., & Trienekens, J. J. M. (2020). Identification of IT-Needs to Cope with Dynamism in Collaborative Networked Organizations—A Case Study. In R. Agrifoglio, R. Lamboglia, D. Mancini, & F. Ricciardi (Eds.), Digital Business Transformation: Organizing, Managing and Controlling in the Information Age (pp. 219-236). Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation Vol. 38

  • Ronald van den Heuvel
  • Rogier van de Wetering
  • Jos Trienekens
  • Rik Bos
Collaborative networked organizations (CNOs) CNO-dynamism IT-needs Business/IT-alignment (BITA) Multi case study
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ISBN: 978-3-030-47354-9
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