Toward CNO Characteristics to Support Business/IT-Alignment

Increasing market dynamics rapidly change the business landscape. Collaboration amongst organizations is a common way to cope with these dynamics. Achieving a state of Business/IT-alignment (BITA) within Collaborative Networked Organizations (CNOs) appears to be a valuable endeavor. Therefore, this paper investigates CNO characteristics, as a basis, to incrementally design BITA artifacts that facilitate CNO-dynamism. Via a structured literature review and an expert session, we synthesized a list of 6 main and 22 sub-characteristics for CNOs. This list provides more detailed characteristics than we found in the literature. We also discuss the importance of the characteristic “Dynamic and self-regulating network” and the need for new BITA models that can cope with the dynamics.

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van den Heuvel R., Trienekens J., van de Wetering R., Bos R. (2017) Toward CNO Characteristics to Support Business/IT-Alignment. In: Camarinha-Matos L., Afsarmanesh H., Fornasiero R. (eds) Collaboration in a Data-Rich World. PRO-VE 2017. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol 506. Springer, Cham.

  • Ronald van den Heuvel
  • Jos Trienekens
  • Rogier van de Wetering
  • Rik Bos
Business/IT-alignment (BITA) Collaborative networked organizations (CNOs) Characteristics Dynamism
Type paper
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