Business/IT-alignment adaptation in dynamic networked environments

Collaborative networks have become a common organizational form in current dynamic markets. These Collaborative Networked Organizations (CNOs) emerge from the pressing need to innovate, change and collaborate and efficaciously deal with environmental dynamics. Achieving optimal Business/IT-Alignment (BITA) within these networks appears to be a valuable endeavor. However, extant literature predominately focused on uniminded organizations (opposed to networked organizations) and does not take into account the networked dynamics ‘lens’. In order to fill this gap in literature, we will synthesize and develop BITA capabilities that enable organizations to co-evolve and adapt with the dynamics of their environment and facilitate their collaboration within CNOs. Hence, we will combine research from the CNO domain and Complexity science, specifically Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and Co-Evolution, and provide new BITA models to facilitate CNOs.

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van den Heuvel, R., Trienekens, J. J. M., van de Wetering, R., & Bos, R. (2016). Business/IT-alignment adaptation in dynamic networked environments. Poster session presented at 17th IFIP WG 5.5 Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises , Porto, Portugal.

  • Ronald van den Heuvel
  • Jos Trienekens
  • Rogier van de Wetering
  • Rik Bos
Business/IT-alignment (BITA) Collaborative Networked Organizations (CNOs) Co-evolution Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Adaptation
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Ronald van den Heuvel

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